Starting a burger shop? Here’s what you need.

31-Oct-2018 12:00 AM

Consistently creating great burgers all comes down to having the right tools in your shop. Investing in the right equipment is the best way to ensure you give your customers excellent quality burgers, every single day. The right restaurant equipment will boost productivity, increase consistency and help you create an efficient work flow in your kitchen. So what equipment do you need in your burger shop? We’ve compiled a list of the top ten items below.

Most used items in a burger shop

  1. Commercial Meat Grinder - The best burgers start with the best quality meat, and the best way to ensure you have great quality hamburger meat for your shop is to grind it yourself. 

  2. Commercial Hamburger Press - A hamburger press helps to speed up your workflow, allowing you to streamline your patty making process. A hamburger press comes in various sizes and will improve product consistency. 

  3. Commercial Fridge - Every kitchen needs a fridge! The type of fridge that works for you will depend on your kitchen size and the amount of fresh produce you use daily. From small fridges to walk in varieties, there is a size to suit every need. 

  4. Refrigerated Prep Table - A refrigerated prep table keeps your meat and toppings cool during preparation and is vital for food safety when dealing with uncooked meat in a hot commercial kitchen environment. 

  5. Commercial Fryer - Counter-top or freestanding, electric or gas, the right commercial fryer is crucial for making the perfect chips to go with your perfect burger. 

  6. Vegetable Slicer - A vegetable slicer will make short work of your topping prep, and keep prepped food consistent so you customers always know what to expect. 

  7. Commercial Grill - No burger joint is complete without a great grill. Whether you need a grill, griddle or charbroiler for your patties, we have the commercial grill for you.