Splitability to Boost Productivity

05-Sep-2018 12:00 AM

Restaurant POS systemA tablet-based hospitality point of sale (POS) system, combined with a Kitchen Display System (KDS) is fast becoming the preferred ordering system for modern restaurants, cafes, clubs and pubs. In the case of Splitablity, The KDS is built into the POS software and any mobile device, computer or even smart TV can then display the order status. The system synchronises across every station so that all staff members are informed of an order’s status at all times.

So Much More Than a Virtual Spike

The system allows you to select categories on a per device basis so that staff members only see what they need to see to perform their specific job, and for a set monthly fee you can add as many different individual devices as you need. The software includes functionality for online orders, table management, takeaway maps and more.

Top Features

Compatibility - The software works on a range of devices including both Android and iOS phones and tablets, Windows based computers, Macs and even smart TVs. It also has the ability to integrate with other cloud based services such as online accounting products, payment platforms and PMS services.

Reliability - Splitability has a 100% uptime since its creation over six years ago, and offers 24/7 access to support staff. The system is fast enough to handle peak load demands with ease and switches between wifi and cellular data seamlessly to assist those in locations with wifi black spots.

Bill Splitting - The software allows multiple totals on a single order so splitting bills is simple. Splitting can be done at the time of ordering, or during payment and the system allows for at table payments when paired with mobile payment terminals.

Menu Changes - Dynamic venues change their menus often, sometimes even daily. The software allows you to make those changes simply by editing an online spreadsheet. As soon as the spreadsheet is saved, all changes are available to all devices on the network.

For more information about the Splitability system visit splitability.com.