Rational Introduces the SelfCookingCentre® Whitefficiency®

11-Jul-2018 12:00 AM

Rational SelfCookingCentre® Whitefficiency®Global market and technology leader RATIONAL, inventors of the first combi-steamer in 1976, have just announced their newest advancement in hot food preparation with the SelfCookingCentre® Whitefficiency®.

Their newest addition is designed to minimise the waste of kitchen resources. Time, labour and energy are the biggest liabilities in any kitchen, and the Whitefficiency® promises to minimise those with a 20 per cent reduction in the consumption of energy, and 30 per cent greater load - with no decrease in food quality.

Save Valuable Kitchen Space With the SelfCookingCentre® Whitefficiency®

The Whitefficiency® is set to replace up to 50 per cent of your conventional appliances including grills, steamers, boilers, tilting pans, hot air units and ovens. And for added convenience it features a touch-screen control panel with a modern drag and drop design for ease of use.

RATIONAL is offering the SelfCookingCentre® Whitefficiency® in a range of sizes to suit any commercial kitchen and offer both gas and electric models, as well as providing a host of special versions designed to meet the needs of any commercial kitchen.

Want to See the SelfCookingCentre® Whitefficiency® in Action?

Rational Australia are holding regular live cooking demonstrations across Australia to give real-time demonstrations to those interested in the new technology. The RATIONAL CookingLive events are being held in all major cities across the country and will showcase all the innovative features of the SelfCookingCentre® Whitefficiency®.

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