Gourmet Hobart - Hobart’s best restaurants

04-Apr-2018 12:00 AM

Gourmet Hobart - Hobart’s best restaurantsRecently the Gourmet Traveller released their 2018 restaurant guide, featuring the 400 best restaurants across Australia. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at some of their choices for Hobart - a city that is fast becoming one of Australia’s hottest foodie destinations.


Dier Makr - 123 Collins St - www.diermakr.com - Dier Makr’s lack of signage can make it tricky to spot, but this restaurant is worth the hunt. Run by ex-Melburnians, Dier Makr has a highly original degustation-only menu with wine sets to pair and makes for a great night out. Dier Makr is also a great spot for cocktails and snacks if that’s more your speed.

Ettie’s - 100 Elizabeth St - www.etties.com.au - Located in the CBD, Ettie’s slick decor is reminiscent of an old European wine bar. Their menu has a similar old-world feel about it. This bistro serves old-school favourites with a surprising new world twist that will surprise even the most jaded foodie.

Lebrina - 155 New Town Rd - www.lebrina.com - Lebrina has been a mainstay in Hobart for over 20 years. Their mouthwatering and creamy Gruyere souffle is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary and is still a fan favourite. But Lebrina adds a modern flair to balance their traditional fare, with some surprising dishes that will please fans of more contemporary cuisine.

Me Wah - 16 Magnet Ct - www.mewah.com.au - Me Wah is Hobart’s staple for fine dining so if you’re looking for luxury Cantonese fare this is the place for you. Our only tip? Skip the East/West fusion dessert menu altogether, but be sure to try the toffee crackled roasted pork belly lozenges - you won’t regret it.

Templo - 98 Patrick St - www.templo.com.au - A la carte dining is an option at Templo, but the chef’s menu is our top pick if you want to see what this lovely little restaurant has to offer. The timber and brick styled room is tightly packed, but the staff at Templo are attentive and the food is not to be missed.

Fico - 151 Macquarie St - www.ficofico.net/ - Housed inside a former bank, with high ceilings and minimalist style, Fico is a great place for a special night out. If you have a soft spot for seafood, love a good white, or have a craving for pasta Fico is the place for you.