Excellence in cooking with UNOX

08-Aug-2018 02:09 PM

Unox Cheftop Combi Oven

UNOX call it inventive simplification, and through their commitment to that philosophy, combined with their pioneering ideas, breakthrough technologies and innovative materials they are dedicated to changing the way you experience your commercial kitchen.

Used by some of the world’s top chefs, the UNOX range of ovens give you perfect cooking results, while also freeing up time, space and resources so you can focus on other things. The ovens incorporate easy to use technology that helps to eliminate complexity and maximise your results.

Space Saving, Time Saving and Earth Saving

In every commercial kitchen, the efficient use of often limited floor space is a big factor, so UNOX give you the option of stacking multiple ovens on top of each other - each with individual controls - so you have greater capacity for productivity within your space.

With many automated controls built in, like the regulation of humidity, air speed and temperature, as well as automatic washing systems and saveable cooking programs you’ll have more free time to take on other tasks.

With lean manufacturing processes in place using sustainable and easily recyclable materials, as well as a focus on reducing in-use energy consumption, UNOX are committed to reducing environmental impact at all stages of the machine’s life cycle.

UNOX On-Site Testing

UNOX offer the opportunity to test their ovens in your space before you invest. UNOX will come to your kitchen, install an oven and cook your recipes, using your ingredients so you get a real world example of what the UNOX oven can do for you. Visit unox.com for more information.