Australia’s First Institute of Gastronomy

18-Apr-2018 12:00 AM

Australia’s First Institute of GastronomyAlla Wolf-Tasker, queen of Australia’s regional culinary scene, recently announced that she will be opening Australia’s first Institute of Gastronomy - and we couldn’t be more excited. The centre will be a hub for learning about all things food, from artisanal food production studies to regenerative agriculture practices - and everything in between.

Headed up by Alla Wolf-Tasker

Alla Wolf-Tasker, co-owner and culinary director of the Lake House hotel restaurant & spa, has been working in the Australian food industry for over 40 years and she has had an extremely impressive career including being a founding judge for the national delicious produce awards and personally introducing (and funding) an annual scholarship for outstanding Australian producers.

Wolf-Tasker’s hope is that the Institute will create a strong sense of community and collaboration between everyone involved in the culinary industry in Australia including the education sectors, food production, agriculture, culinary tourism and hospitality.

Financial Contributions to the Project

 The project has excited many people and organisations within the sector, with financial contributions popping up for the proposal from all over. The Victorian State Government have contributed a $100,000 Food Source Victoria grant, Regional Development Australia have contributed $20,000, and William Angliss Institute have committed to giving $30,000 toward the project, as well as offering their professional input as the project progresses.

A Win for Victoria

 The proposed site for the Institute is at the Lake House, in Daylesford Victoria, so it’s a big win for Victoria, with the project set to strengthen the states already excellent wine and food reputation.

While it’s still early days for the project, we’re excited to see how it progresses over the coming months and years and look forward to seeing the effects of the Institute across the entirety of the Australian culinary scene. Stay tuned for more info on the Institute as the project gets off the ground.